Title: Investigation and its findings – anti-crime and security measures regarding the dissemination of false news on social media

Duration: 15 months

Description of work:

In W.P. 3 descriptive / explanatory research and assessment / evaluation survey will be carried out with primary data on feasibility sample (social network users on the Internet with cases relating to the dissemination of false information on the internet, the (in) security they create to Internet users, the assessment of current legislation and proposals of crime-prevention institutions and practices. The survey results will be presented in a conference and scientific publications on the subject as well as on the results already obtained from previous W.P. will be realized.



Making use of the results and findings of the analysis from the W.P. 1, the target of W.P. 3 and the innovation of the thesis is a proposal of de lege ferenda crime-prevention legislative regulations and security measures to protect users from false news in digital systems and Internet. 



Scientific articles concerning:

  1. Investigation procedure – Sample analysis
  2. Developing questionnaires
  3. Carrying out analysis of data from social networks and comparison with the results of the responses set out through questionnaire
  4. Survey results – statistical and quantitative processing – contemporary assessments
  5. Anti – Crime Policy: de lege ferenda crime prevention legislative regulations and security measures for the protection of users from the false news in digital systems and the Internet
  6. Website publishing the outcome
  7. Published scientific articles on the subject