Title: Research Preparation (questionnaire, planning of research hypotheses, collection and recovery of data from social networks) and conducting pilot survey

Duration: 9 months

Description of work:

In W.P. 2 there will be conducted modern and original bibliographical research in Greek and international scientific bibliography and journals. Conducting pilot survey will constitute a factor of assessment and assurance of the quality of the process and implementation of the research which will be conducted under the W.P. 3. The objectives are:

planning of a descriptive / explanatory research and evaluation / valuation research with primary data on a feasibility sample (users of social media) (research to be conducted in W.P. 3)

planning of research hypotheses concerning the opinion and behavior of users of social media, assessment of current legislation and proposals of crime – prevention institutions and practices

development of a relevant questionnaire (for the W.P. 3 Research)

retrieval and analysis of data from social networks

participation in Greek and foreign conferences on the subject


Scientific texts:

  1. The research methodology
  2. Planning of research hypotheses regarding the opinion and behavior of users of social media
  3. Questionnaire on the abovementioned assumptions
  4. Implementation of the pilot survey – Analysis of problems encountered
  5. Carrying out data analysis of social networks